Botox Bandit's Day in Court

The woman known as the botox bandit appeared in court and her choice of outfits is getting all the buzz. INSIDE EDIITON has the latest.

The so-called Botox Bandit had an appointment with a judge, and what an outfit she chose for the occasion!

Perhaps inspired by Paris Hilton's glam outfit in court last week, or the revealing blouse that Lindsay Lohan wore when she faced a judge, Maria Chrysson dressed in a tight grey sweater and short plaid skirt. Her sky-high stiletto heels accentuated her court-ordered ankle bracelet.

A self-described model, 29-year-old Chrysson applied lip gloss as she waited for her case to be heard in the Miami courtroom. She checked her appearance in the mirror of her compact, kept an eye on her cell phone messages and even cracked a big smile as she chatted with someone in court.

Chrysson pleaded no contest to a charge that she ripped off botox clinics by undergoing treatments then taking off without paying the bills, which amounted to $5,000.

Ever conscious of her appearance, she smoothed her skirt and then did the same thing to her hair as she stood before the judge.

Chrysson was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay back the doctors. She was fingerprinted before she left the building.

"I'm just glad I'm off of with my house arrest and can move on with my life," said Chrysson before leaving the court.