From 'Sexy' Donald Trump to Pizza Rat, This Year's Eye-Catching Halloween Costumes

INSIDE EDITION checked out the costumes taken from this year's headlines.

This year's sexiest Halloween costumes are all ripped from the headlines.

Fashion expert Katrina Szish told INSIDE EDITION: “This Halloween is anything but politics as usual and of course that's because of ‘The Donald’--the sexy blazer, the little hot pants, the signature red tie, and no costume for Donald Trump would be complete without that hair.”

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Cecil the Lion is another popular costume.

“The Cecil the lion story was one of the most headline-grabbing stories of the year and this costume is definitely one of the most controversial,” Szish said.

There is a sexy football player costume inspired by Tom Brady and Deflategate.

“The deflated football really makes the look complete,” Szish said.

Even the New York City rat that made headlines after it was filmed carrying a slice of pizza down subway stairs is getting the sexy Halloween treatment.

“To be a sexy pizza rat, you wanna show off your curves in all the right places so having slices of pizza as pockets is the perfect way to go,” she said.

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INSIDE EDITION's models got lots of reaction as they showed off their costumes from while on board a sightseeing bus in New York.

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