Crying 1-Year-Old Girl Found Alone in Dark Daycare After Staff Mistook Her For a Doll

Cornelius Jones recorded the moment firefighters discovered his daughter alone in the daycare.

Footage reveals the frantic effort to get to a one-year-old baby girl after she was left alone at a daycare after closing.

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Her desperate father, Cornelius Jones, who had come to pick her up, filmed as firefighters opened the doors at the All Things Are Possible For Kids Daycare Center in Chicago.

"I am pacing back and forth," Jones recounted to INSIDE EDITION. "I am frustrated. I am angry. I got so many emotions going through my head at once, and I am like: 'How did they leave a baby here?'" 

Using a flashlight they spotted his crying daughter, Journee, crawling in pitch black darkness.

Cornelius added that the director of the school came to the scene after the child was rescued.

"She said that they had thought it was a baby doll," the stunned father said. 

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Journee's mom, Quanesha, is still upset about what happened, telling Trent: "When I saw the video her dad recorded, it broke my heart even more.

"The first thing that I thought was: 'I can't believe these people left my baby here. There can be chemicals there. Something can follow her or they might have a rodent problem. Anything can happen to my baby.'"

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