Unsuspecting Delivery Drivers Get the Fright of Their Lives From 'Monster' Coat Rack

Prankster 'Magic of Rahat' has set his latest sights on poor delivery drivers where he uses a coat rack to scare them.

Notorious YouTube prankster 'Magic of Rahat' served up a huge surprise for unsuspecting food delivery drivers.

The YouTube star, whose real name is Rahat Hossain, placed a coat rack that suddenly lights up inside his home.

When the drivers arrived at his home, he invited them in and fibbed that he had lost a $20 bill to pay for his order.

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While he went into the kitchen and they stayed in the foyer, the coat rack came alive.

One delivery person dropped the food on the floor and then said ‘Who gets the last laugh now?’ as she walked away with his order.

Another driver just simply ran out of the house with a pizza.

One driver lashed out at the creature -- destroying it. 

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This isn’t the first time Magic of Rahat has come to surprise food employees.

Over the summer he posted a video where he erected a robot that would order food from drive-thru window.

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