Shocking Text Messages of Accused Killers Presented in Court

The Petit family murder trial continues with shocking text messages presented as evidence between the accused killers. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The two men accused of murdering a mom and her two daughters in a home invasion exchanged chilling text messages just before the crimes.

Jurors saw the actual screenshots of text messages Steven Hayes sent his accused accomplice which read: "Chomping at the bit to get started. Need a margarita soon."

He also sent a picture of a margarita with this message: "Check this out!"

An hour later he texted: "We still on?"

His co-hort, Josh Komisarjevsky, answered: "Yes"

Hayes asked: "Soon?"

Komisarjevsky, who has a 5-year-old daughter, texted: "I'm putting kid to bed. Hold your horses."

It's almost beyond belief that hours after putting his own daughter to bed, he was inflicting unimaginable suffering on 11-year-old Michaela Petit and the rest of the Petit family.

Alaine Griffin of the Hartford Courant told INSIDE EDITION, "The evidence is gruesome. Unfortunately, a lot of times, it's just harrowing for jurors, but ti's evidence that they need to see to make their final verdict."

Komisarjevsky was photographed lying face down at the moment of his arrest outside the Petit home after setting it on fire.

His background may surprise you. He was raised in an 18th century house not far from the Petit home. He was adopted at birth, and his grandfather was a famous theater director who once married to British movie star, Dame Peggy Ashcroft.

As for Hayes, he squirmed as the baseball bat, used to beat Dr. William petit during the invasion, was shown to jurors.

Griffin told INSIDE EDITION, "There's DNA testimony talking about blood that was found on the baseball bat, blood that was found at the scene. It's just a somber mood all around."