Teenage brothers ran a prostitution ring from their mother's home: Cops

A 15-year-old Washington boy and his 17-year-old brother allegedly prostituted girls as young as 14 from their mom's Spokane home.

Two teenage boys have been accused of running a prostitution ring from their mother's Washington home where police say they employed girls as young as 14.

What's more, police say the elder brother, who is 17, was being held in a juvenile facility and instructing his 15-year-old sibling over the phone on how to run the business.

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That business, police say, truly was a family affair: according to the Associated Press, court documents allege the boys' mother was getting 25 percent of the prostitition ring's profits, which could have been considerable.

The girls were ordered to advertise themselves on a prostitution website for $400 dates under threat of physical assault, investigators believe.

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The 17-year-old brother was in the Spokane County Juvenile Detention Center on an unrelated charge and instructing the 15-year-old on how to keep the business going when police uncoverd the alleged ring.

Both brothers were held on $175,000 bond.

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