100-Year-Old New Jersey Synagogue is Gutted by Massive Fire

The Congregation Poile Zedek synagogue in New Brunswick was engulfed before firefighters could reach the historic building on Friday evening.

An historic New Jersey synagogue is all but in ruins after a quick-moving fire ripped through the 100-year-old structure.

Firefighters in New Brunswick were unable to reach the Congregation Poile Zedek synagogue before it became engulfed in flames late Friday afternoon.

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All that could be saved from the Orthodox Ashkenazic temple, long an historic landmark in New Brunswick, was a single Torah. The rest of the sacred scrolls were destroyed, ABC 7 reports.

Firefightersd battled the blaze for hours and were still tamping out hotspots well after sundown. Roads in the area were closed during the fire and some neighbors in the city's historic district were temporarily evacuated.

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The one person reportedly inside the building was able to get out uninjured. No injuries were otherwise reported.

Authorities on Saturday were still trying to determine what started the destructive blaze.

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