Texas Floods Cause Train to Derail as Soaked State Braces for Hurricane Patricia

Floods in the Lone Star have already caused havoc, but Texas is braced for the onslaught to continue as Hurricane Patricia's rains draw near.

Parts of Texas have been swamped with serious flooding after a major storm system swept through over the weekend, but the rains could be far from over as the Lone Star State braces for the soggy remnants of Hurricane Patricia.

The floods in north and central Texas hit hardest Saturday morning, just around the time a freight train carrying cement was toppled when an engorged creek washed away tracks some 50 miles south of Dallas, reports the Associated Press.

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Authorities in Navarro County rescued two Union Pacific employees from the partially submoreged train just before dawn.

While the early weekend storm system had reportedly pelted down a whopping 20 inches of rain by Saturday morning in some areas, the remains of Hurricane Patricia had not yet reached American soil from Mexico.

Anticipating Patricia's arrival, many parts of Texas--its most populous cities among them--were under a flash flood warning though Monday, the Associated Press reports.

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Hurricane Patricia, which made landfall in western Mexico on Friday, was measured while at sea to be the strongest tropical storm ever measured in the western hemisphere.

While it lost its 200 MPH oopmh soon after hitting land, the storm continued on Saturday to threaten large swaths of Mexico with the potential for flash flooding.

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