Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Return to Los Angeles Hand-in-Hand

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore flew home to Los Angeles after attending Bill Clinton's Global Initiative Conference in New York. The couple appears to be in as much in love as ever despite rumors that Kutcher was unfaithful. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore arrive at Los Angeles International Airport hand-in-hand, in yet another public display of unity as rumors of infidelity swirl around them.

They ignored photographers' questions and ducked into a waiting car.

Kutcher and Moore flew from New York to Los Angeles after appearing more in love than ever at Bill Clinton's Global Initiative Conference.  

And there's more from the woman at the center of the storm, Brittney Jones. In text messages obtained by RadarOnline, the 21-year-old actually claims to be "friends" with Moore, and seems to imply that the celebrity couple has an open marriage:

"I didn't break up any marriage, in fact demi and i are good friends. Don't believe everything you read about hollywood 'marriages'."

And there are suggestive texts that Jones says prove that Kutcher cheated on his wife.

Jones says that hours after she slipped her number to Kutcher on a cocktail napkin at a Hollywood bowling alley, they sent each other messages like, "what r u wearing now?"

Three days later, Jones says that she got this text from Kutcher at 10 p.m.: "r u busy?"  She says they met later that night and drove back to the actor's Beverly Hills home. Moore was out of town, and Jones says they had sex on the couch.

In another exchange, Jones supposedly texted: "Whens the next time you're gonna have an empty house?"

Kutcher is said to have texted back: "Not sure maybe the end of the month."

Finally, Jones says he ended their relationship, texting: "For now i don't think i should be talking to any girl that's not my wife."

So would Moore ever leave Kutcher, who's 15 years her junior? One source tells the Chicago Sun-Times: ''There is no way Demi is going to let this ruin her marriage. Even if it's true...She's nuts about him, and he's crazy about her.''

A lawyer for the couple has said the story is a tabloid fabrication.