Prankster Engineer Reveals How He Made Thor's Hammer That Only He Can Lift

In a video, one person after another attempts to lift Allen Pan's hammer - but they all fail.

In Marvel's Avengers, no one can pick up Thor's hammer but the superhero himself.

Now one man has built his own Thor's hammer and - like the legend - only he can lift it.

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In a hilarious video showcasing his prank, one person after another on Venice Beach, California attempts to lift Allen Pan's hammer - but they all fail miserably.

Allen then steps up to the plate and lifts it with ease.

But his skill isn't superhuman strength, it's his big brain: Allen is an engineer and created the hammer over four months with a powerful electromagnet that locks against metal surfaces. He built it with a fingerprint scanner that only recognizes him.

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"The magnet will turn off if a fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner matches with mine," he told INSIDE EDITION.

His next project? A light saber in time for the Star Wars movie.

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