Cops: German Officer Chases Down British Tourists, Stabs One for Crossing Road Too Slowly

A German cop chased down two British tourists for taking too long to cross a road, and stabs one of them, authorities say.

A German police officer  allegedly chased down two British tourists and stabbed one of them because they were taking too long to cross a road, cops said.

The Berlin cop was off duty Monday when he was driving down a trendy street in the capital and came upon the sightseeing men who were crossing the street, according to The Local news site.

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The off-duty officer jumped from his car and confronted the 19-year-old and 24-year-old tourists, police said.

The three argued, and the British citizens walked away, authorities said.  

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But the cop followed them and hit the older tourist in the face and stabbed him in the buttocks, police said. The man was hospitalized for his injuries, police said.

The officer claimed he was attacked by one of the tourists, who stabbed the cop in the hand, police said.

Authorities have not identified the officer or the tourists and would not say if the cop is still on the job.

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