Oh, Deer! Doe Has Hard Time Leaving the Man Who Saved Her Life

A doe was found on one man's property struggling to walk, he took her in and rehabilitated her.

A man who spotted a limping doe left behind by her family nursed the animal back to health until she was strong enough to rejoin the heard.

Darius Sasnauskas filmed the deer, who he believed was born earlier that day, struggling to walk around in his backyard in Wyoming before she was abandoned by her family. 

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He nursed the little animal back to health after inviting it into his home and making it a member of his family.

He wrote on YouTube: “I do not support keeping wild animals as a pets, but this was special situation.”

The doe had no problem getting along with his dogs as she rehabilitated inside his house. He used an oatmeal box as a splint to help her leg grow stronger. Darius also made sure she was fed every four hours to get the right amount vitamins and nutrients inside the infant's system.

Darius told The Dodo that his intention was to always release her back into the wild.

"I really hoped that she did not get attached to me too much because that would make [it] very hard for her to survive in the wild. She would become [an] easy target for hunters and predators,” he said.

After she was back to full strength, Darius did his best to release her back into the wild; however, she refused to leave and came back to his home each time.

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But one night, Darius released her again and the doe spotted her mother and rejoined her family.

He also said: “The mother deer usually does not go too far from the place where she feels safe, so she stays around the area."

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