Watch This Guy Throw Whip Cream Pies in the Face of Strangers

Pranksters hit the streets of L.A. and threw pies in the face of unsuspecting pedestrians.

One of the oldest gags in any comedians book is a pie in the face to an unsuspecting person. For the guys of YouTube’s The Chaizy Channel, they did just that to the people of Los Angeles.

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In a video, they threw pies at people in the gym, at the pool, in parking garages and even waiting for the bus.

Nearly every person they hit was so irate they chased after the guys behind the pies. Luckily for them they are fast runners.

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The Chaizy Channel told INSIDE EDITION that none of the pranks were staged. Each person who was hit with a pie were given towels to wipe the cream off their face and money for dry cleaning.

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