Meet the Boy Behind the 'Fred' Internet Phenomenon

INSIDE EDITION catches up with the amazing small-town teen whose YouTube videos became such a hit that he now has his own movie.

With his wild rantings and crazy antics, Fred Figglehorn has the most popular channel on YouTube, with nearly 600 million views!

The Fred videos turn everyday things like going to the dentist into bizarre events.

One video, "Fred Goes Swimming" in which he jumps into a kiddie pool is his most popular video, having been watched 45 million times on YouTube.

But we wondered, who is the guy behind the Fred phenomenon?
INSIDE EDITION went to his home located smack in the middle of a cornfield to find out.

Fred, who's real name is Lucas Cruikshank is a 17-year-old high school junior who is definitely the most famous resident of Columbus, Nebraska.
Four years ago Cruikshank created the fictional 6-year-old character named Fred and started making short videos with a store bought camera. To make the videos goofier Cruikshank sped up his voice.

In real life, Cruikshank comes from a large family, he's one of eight children. His mother Molly is understandably proud of her superstar son.

"I almost feel like Fred is my ninth child," Molly said.

Just when you thought the Fred franchise couldn't get any bigger, he now has his own movie!
Fred the Movie is airing on Nickelodeon Friday. Its first airing, last weekend got 7.6 million viewers…the highest rated cable movie of the year. It's filled with some of the wacky stuff that's made Fred an internet icon.
So will success spoil this wacky kid from a tiny town, USA? No way.
"I still feel like a totally regular kid. Just a kid who does interviews after school," said Cruikshank.