Hero Dog Named Bambi Races Inside Burning Home to Stay At Owner's Side

A loyal dog in Chicago stayed inside a burning home to remain at the side of his unconscious owner until he could be rescued.

A loyal dog in Chicago is being hailed as a hero after rushing inside her burning home and refusing to leave her unconscious owner's side until help arrived.

In a twist befitting the Disney film, the Labrador mix is named Bambi--the animated deer who braved a forest fire to rescue his furry friends.

According to NBC Los Angeles, 4-year-old Bambi was let out of the burning two-story building by resident Sara Domaradzki on the morning of Oct. 20. 

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Domaradzki had no idea Bambi ran back inside, where she stayed in order to alert firefighters to where her owner lay unconscious.

Domaradzki's mother had been unable to wake her husband before she fled.

Bambie remained at her owner's side until they were both pulled from the burning home in the nick of time.

"My dad's retired so Bambi spends most of her time with my dad," Domaradzki said. "She probably knew she couldn't leave him in there."

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Domaradzki's 69-year-old was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Bambi was also admitted for treatment for smoke inhalation.

Both man and dog are expected to pull through but, as Domaradzki points out, her father is insured while Bambi is not.

The brave pooch was treated and released before being forced to return to an animal hospital after suffering a seizure.

Impressed by Bambi's bravery, Kathleen Braun, an assistant at Premier Veterinary Clinic in Avondale, started a GoFundMe page to help the family cover the dog's medical bills, DNAinfo reports.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the fundraiser had far exceeded its initial goal of $5,000 and nearing a stretch goal of $10,000.

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