INSIDE EDITION Tracks Down Hugh Grant's Former Prostitute

INSIDE EDITION tracked down the former prostitute at the center of the Hugh Grant scandal, who has gone from the streets to suburban mom.

She was the woman at the center of a sex scandal that rocked Hollywood.
Matinee idol Hugh Grant and his stunning fiancée, Elizabeth Hurley, were once Tinsletown's dream couple. That was until Grant was arrested in his car for soliciting a prostitute named Divine Brown on Sunset Boulevard.

Hurley called off their engagement, and Grant bounced back. But what ever became of Divine Brown?

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander caught up with Divine, who now goes by the name Stella Divine and lives in suburban Atlanta.

"Do people recognize you?" Alexander asked.

"I do get a lot of 'Hey that's her,' or 'How you doing?' " said Divine.

Now 41 years old, Divine still doesn't mind flaunting her curves. She showed up for the interview in short shorts.

"Where are you in your life right now?" asked Alexander.

"I am a 24/7 house mom, a mother," said Divine.

That's right,  Divine has a 22-month-old daughter and a fiancé.

When Alexander asked if her fiancé knows what happened, Divine said simply, "He loves me, I love him. We move on."

She also has a savvy business sense. The former prostitute parlayed a $50 trick with a Hollywood hunk into a reported $2 million fortune, thanks to worldwide TV and magazine deals following the scandal.

"I have a great life right now, God has blessed me," Divine said.

Divine put her two daughters through college and they are now collaborating on an aerobic video together.

"I love working with my daughters, they're like my best friends," said Divine.

"How did you tell your family about that night?" Alexander asked.

"I told them it was something Momma had to do. It wasn't a career," she answered.
"How have you moved forward?" Alexander asked.

"I just want to finish my goals and be that woman from the streets to the picket fence," Divine said.

Divine says she doesn't go see Hugh Grant movies, but she hopes the star has put the scandal behind him, just as she has.

"It doesn't bother me and I'm sure it doesn't bother him. It might be something that just haunts us," she said.

When Alexander pointed out that Grant is about to turn 50 and is still single, Divine said, "Happy Birthday Hugh!"