Student Studying Abroad Meets Her Real Life Doppelganger

Cordelia Roberts from the U.K. was studying in Bremen, Germany when she met her twin stranger, Ciara Murphy from Ireland.

A student from the U.K. met her real-life doppelganger while studying abroad in Germany.

Cordelia Roberts was studying at Bremen University when she heard from friends that a girl on campus looked remarkably like her.

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While out on the town one night, Roberts met an Irish girl named Ciara Murphy who by all accounts could have been her long long twin.

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They posted a photo of themselves to Facebook, which eventually wound up on the popular Twin Strangers page.

Now, though they're far from from home, the students take comfort in knowing they're not alone--they each have a twin (not-so) stranger close at hand.

Cordelia and Ciara aren't the first high profile case of twin strangers. Karen Branigan and Niamh Geaney became viral sensations after finding a doppelganger in each other earlier this year and staging a photo shoot.

And the website actually exists with the sole purpose of helping people interested in finding their doppelganger wherever he or she happens to exist in the world.

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