Injured Deer Stumbles into Hospital Emergency Room

A deer in Rochester, New York that had been injured in an encounter with a car subsequently stumbled through the automatic doors of an emergency room.

A deer in Upstate New York that had been seriously injured after colliding with a car made its way to a hospital emergency room.

Authorities in Rochester said the injured animal walked through the automatic doors of Strong Memorial Hospital's emergency room on Monday after leaping from a nearby cemetery and into a passing car.

According to the Democrat & Chronicle, a couple of sheriff's deputies happened to be standing nearby when the deer showed up.

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Cpl. John Helfer with the sheriff's office said the deputies "strapped it to a gurney and wheeled it across the parking lot."

The deputies then called animal control and the deer was euthanized.

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Hospital administrator Teresa Hill told the Democrat & Chronicle that it was her daughter's car that the deer crashed into. Since she was near the hospital, her daughter, Carly Hill, pulled into the lot.

The younger Hill said the deer "popped out of nowhere" and landed on her car.

Hill was unhurt and the deer never made it into a patient area of the hospital.

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