More Than A Month Before Black Friday, One Man Begins Camping Out For a Deal

A Florida man is camping outside a Best Buy for a deal 33 days before Black Friday but is also raising awareness.

It’s still more than a month until Black Friday – but a Florida man is already camping outside a Best Buy to be first in line for the deals.

Kevin Sutton pitched his tent over the weekend outside an Orlando store so he can get a new TV when the doors open on November 27.

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He told News 6 that he also wants to raise awareness for the 13,000 homeless children living in Central Florida. While waiting for the doors to open, he is accepting donations, gifts, toys and money which he says will be given to the Love Pantry, a Christian Service Center in the city.

“If people cared about me being silly and all the joking made a positive impact,” he told News 6.

This isn’t the first time he has tried the stunt. Last year, Sutton waited 15 days outside the Best Buy for a deal and raised awareness for the same cause. He gave the three tons of food to various Catholic charities.

This year, he plans on staying longer and hopes to be there for 33 days.

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“To see a kid's face and not having a meal to eat or being hungry,” Sutton said. “I have a 12-year-old daughter and don’t want to see myself in that position but if I needed the help I would hope somebody out there that would do the same for me.”

He is living on food and water provided to him by donations and uses the bathroom inside the Best Buy only during business hours.

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