See Cats Starring in New Horror Film: 'Purranormal Activity'

Cats are the unwitting stars of new horror film spoofing "Paranormal Activity."

It’s the purrrfect Halloween story.  YouTube cat celebrities Cole and Marmalade star in a spoof  of the horror film "Paranormal Activity" called "Purranormal Cativity."

The cat’s owner, Chris, tells INSIDE EDITION that he set up a camera with night vision capabilities and filmed the felines for a few hours over the course of two weeks. He then compiled the footage to make the creepy film.

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With their glowing eyes, high-pitched meows and incessant jumping, Chris knew his pets would make excellent subjects for a horror spoof.

“Most cat owners have heard strange sounds in the night, I know we have!,” he said.  

“We call it the cat Olympics and it usually happens at around 3 a.m. It can be pretty freaky at times!” he said. 

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Only one camera was used to film Cole and Marmalade, but Chris set up in a different spot each night.

Chris said he knew his cats were active at night but had no idea that they were having this much fun.

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