Oops! Fox Loses Power During Broadcast of World Series Game 1

Fox lost power in game one of the World Series resulting in fans to mock the situation on social media.

The World Series game opener between the New York Mets and Kansas City Royals was marred by unprecedented drama thanks to a blackout in the fourth inning that lasted for an excruciating four minutes.

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FOX lost power to their generators that were helping transmit the game. Technicians frantically worked to get the signal up and running again.

The game itself also came to a halt because the signal loss meant neither team had instant replay.

Upset fans took to social media to mock the outage.

Found the cause of the Fox blackout pic.twitter.com/d3MsiCffvN

— Shaun Newkirk (@Shauncore) October 28, 2015

Fox's crew during the blackout. #WorldSeries pic.twitter.com/0KCNUP06YF

— Bradley Gelber (@BradleyGelber) October 28, 2015

Fox is pitching a two-hit blackout. #WorldSeries pic.twitter.com/RCV83f0TmK

— Butch Maier (@ButchMaier) October 28, 2015

@OldHossRadbourn Fox News blames blackout on liberal conspiracy. pic.twitter.com/CCs2HNkGQ9

— Fat Guys Run (@FatGuysRun) October 28, 2015

Once the problem was fixed, the game entered the history books as the longest World Series opener ever.

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The game lasted for a whopping five hours and 19 minutes in a 14 inning heart-stopper which resulted in the Royals winning 5 to 4.

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