Man in Beach Sex Video Insists From Behind Bars: 'We Weren't Doing Anything Wrong'

Jose Caballaro, who is serving 2 years behind bars, told INSIDE EDITION he wasn't having sex on the beach.

Jose Caballero tells INSIDE EDITION he was not having sex on a Florida beach, despite cell phone video captured by an irate grandmother that appears to show just that.

“There was no sex on the beach,” he said during an exclusive jail house interview.  “She’s on top of me, straddling me and it looks like she’s actually grinding. We all have our clothes on, so it’s not like we are doing anything wrong.”

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A Florida court did not agree. Caballero and his girlfriend, Elyssa Alvarez were convicted on lewd and lascivious behavior charges in September. She was spared jail time.

Caballero was sentenced to two years.

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“I can understand,” he said. “We were on a public beach.”

The couple is now on the national sex offender registry.

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