Toddler Wears Incredible El Nino Costume Complete With Lightning and Rain

A video shows a little girl dressed as El Ni

"Glowy Zoey" is back - and she's cuter than ever.

Last Halloween, the toddler became an internet sensation after her dad uploaded a video showing her running around in the dark while wearing an LED stickman Minnie Mouse costume.

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And now, her dad has dressed her in yet another creative costume.

This year, she's El Niño - complete with a massive cloud headdress that produces both lightning and rain.

"Make it rain, El Niño!" her dad, Royce Hutain, tells her in a video - before she presses a switch and rain starts falling from the cloud onto her face.

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Hutain said the costume took him just a few hours to make, even though he has never made anything like it before. The lightning works with LEDs and a microcontroller, he explained.

"The rain I made happen with a wash fluid pump from the auto parts store and some sprinkler type stuff from Home Depot," he added. "Zoey likes "making it rain" because she gets to push the button and do it herself."

In the video, Zoey struggles to hold up the monster cloud.

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"It came out way bigger than I realized," Hutain told IE. "It wasn't so much heavy as it was just big. It was kind of off balance too which is why Zoey kind of struggles to keep her head straight!"

He has also shared a video of her dressed in an Elsa dress, which lights up as she drives around her toy car.

Of the El Niño costume, he added: "This was a fun project but she will definitely be wearing her Elsa costume for Halloween. She MUST be a princess."

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