Woman Pretends to be Drunk, What Happens to Her is Shocking

A woman contributed to a social experiment where she pretended to be drunk on the streets of Madrid. What happened is alarming.

As part of a social experiment, one woman roamed the streets of Madrid pretending to be drunk to see what men would do if they found her in an ‘intoxicated’ state.

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In an 11-minute video posted to YouTube, the actress, dressed in a low cut top, walks around smoking and drinking from a bottle inside a plastic bag at 5:30 in the evening.

While she walks around, she interacts with men and tells them she is drunk, lost her friends and her phone is dead.

Some of the men react not by helping her but by offering more booze. One guy instead of helping her asked for a hug.

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One group of men invite her back to their hotel where she can charge her phone and then invite her friends on over.

These situations, which already are shocking, pale in comparison to one man who spots her and tells her she is beautiful before he leads her to a quiet alley, pins her against a wall and attempts to kiss her.

One of the actress’s colleagues, who is helping conduct the experiment, intervenes and gets her away from the man.

Dr. Jose Muguel Gaona, Director of Centero Europeo Neurosalus, who led the experiment, said in the video: “The most disappointing fact is that we had no need to edit the video. Why? Because nobody got close to helping this drunken woman.”

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