Shocking Photos Apparently Show Lindsay Lohan at 2007 Party

Lindsay Lohan is facing yet another scandal with the release of shocking photos that apparently depict her holding a syringe at a party in 2007. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Lindsay Lohan barely had a chance to draw breath as a free woman before another scandal rocked her world.
Shocking photos surfaced that apparently show a dazed-looking Lohan with syringe in hand. She seems poised to shoot herself up with drugs, maybe even heroin.

The photos, just published in Britain's News of the World, were reportedly taken at a wild Hollywood party in 2007.

"In those pictures the drug behavior that I see is very typical of someone who is really deeply into an addiction. They are not even aware probably that someone is taking their picture," says psychiatrist and addiction specialist Dr. Charles Sophy.

Paris Hilton was also in attendance, and shared an intimate moment with Lohan.

The photos were revealed just hours after Lohan was released from prison after posting $300,000 bond.

The actress is due in court on October 22nd.