Did a Bodybuilding Supplement Trigger Classroom Cop's Rage?

Ben Fields, who was fired over the classroom outburst, is a 300 pound power lifter.

Did a body-building supplement cause a South Carolina campus cop to allegedly use excessive force?

According to a 2010 deposition obtained by INSIDE EDITION, Ben Fields, the former Richland County officer acknowledged he had taken creatine, a popular performance enhancer favored by weight lifters.

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According to published reports, some users claim that creatine causes mood swings, anger and aggressive behavior.

Fields, 36, was fired this week after a classroom video showed him dragging a female student from her desk at Spring Valley High School. His attorney said Wednesday that his client's actions did not constitute excessive force.

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Video shows Fields lifting 635 pounds and doing squats with 940 pound weights.

His use of Creatine was questioned in an excessive force lawsuit filed in 2006 by an Army veteran who claimed the officer slammed him to the ground as he was being questioned. The suit was dismissed. 

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