Newly-Released Footage Shows Deadly Restaurant Shootout Between Rival Biker Gangs

Surveillance footage shows the shootout at Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas.

Astonishing footage that captured the restaurant shootout between biker gangs in Texas has just been released.

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Surveillance footage obtained by CNN shows the chaotic scenes during the ferocious gun battle that ended with nine fatalities in May.

In the video, one man appears to take a combat stance as others duck for cover beneath tables.

The shootout, which cops say was between the Cossacks and the Bandidos, unfolded at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas.

Waitresses and barmaids were seen running for cover as the bullets fly.

When the bikers surrendered, they filed out with their hands above their heads.

CNN also obtained photos of the grim aftermath. An arsenal of weapons were recovered at the scene, according to authorities.

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Cops arrested more than 170 people, triggering criticism that they busted many bikers who did nothing wrong - but the new footage may help police figure out who did what.

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