See Inside the Real 'Exorcist' House Where Exorcism Will Be Filmed For Live TV

The live exorcism will air on Destination America on Friday night.

The Exorcist is the iconic movie about demonic possession and the most secret and controversial ritual of the Catholic Church.

Now, an actual exorcism is to be performed live on TV inside the very house where the real life story of The Exorcist took place.

The real-life exorcism was performed in 1949 on a 13-year-old boy, known only as Roland Doe. Now, 80 years old, he has never spoken about his ordeal. His exorcism took three harrowing months to complete and those who took part were sworn to secrecy.

INSIDE EDITION was given a tour of the home in St. Louis from where Exorcism: Live will be broadcast on the Destination America cable channel.

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Exorcism: Live host Chris Jacobs said: "I was anxious to go in the house. I wanted to go in there and see if I felt anything. It is definitely spooky in there." 

James Long, the Archbishop of the United States Old Catholic Church and an expert in the paranormal, will take part in the exorcism.

He told INSIDE EDITION: "Tonight we are going to drive out any demonic entity that remains." 

The participants make the case that "lingering evil spirits" are centered on a staircase in the home. 

Bishop Long said: "When you walk up those stairs there is an overwhelming sense of oppression. Very, very heavy." 

Just in case, ambulances and crews of paramedics will be standing by while the live exorcism takes place.

The Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis is condemning the show. Bishop Robert Hermann said in a statement: "Exorcism is not entertainment. Exorcism is serious business and potentially dangerous. It can only be done with the authority of the Archbishop."

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