How John Edwards Tried To Cover His Tracks

The John Edwards scandal continues to grow. Now details emerge of phone calls made by the former Senator trying to cover his tracks. INSIDE EDTION has the latest.

Rielle Hunter is hitting back! The mother of John Edwards's love child filed a temporary restraining order against Andrew Young, the author of the shocking tell all The Politician, who claims he has a sex tape of Edwards and Rielle. It's all part of Rielle's attempt to fight back by filing a restraining order to make sure if there is a tape, it never sees the light of day.

The order prohibits Young and his wife from distributing "a series of photographs" and "three videos" of Rielle including "a personal video recording that depicted matters of very private and personal nature."

"In September for 2006, using my video camera, I authored a personal video," Rielle writes in the documents. "In 2006, I was also having an intimate relationship with Edwards."

This comes as Young reveals a new bombshell -- a voice message from Edwards, working feverishly to hide his mistress's pregnancy from his wife Elizabeth.

"Andrew, it's John. I'm going to leave you this message just in case you get a call from me where I ask you what's going on. The reason we're calling is 'cause Elizabeth is standing there."

Young tells 20/20 that Edwards left him the message the day after he agreed to pretend he was the father of the baby Rielle Hunter was carrying. Young says the scheme was orchestrated by Edwards during a conference call between Rielle, Andrew Young, and his wife Cheri.

"There wasn't a lot of time to sit back and contemplate, was it logical?  No. Was it stupid? Yes. Did we do the right thing morally? No. Absolutely not," said Young.

The next day Young says Edwards left him a message, warning him that he'd be calling and Elizabeth would be listening in on their next conversation.

"I'm gonna leave you this message just in case you get a call from me where I ask you what's going on. The reason we're calling is 'cause Elizabeth is standing there. So, if I am calling saying, 'What happened, how did this happen,' or 'What's going on,' then that's because Elizabeth is standing there with me."

ABC's Bob Woodruff said, "The details we've got now, the personal stories, and all of those the tapes, voicemails, and documents that he kept really tells the whole story."

Bob Woodruff sat down with Young and his wife for the interview. INSIDE EDITION asked Woodruff why Cheri Young went along with the charade. 

Woodruff replied, "Cheri Young knows that her husband Andrew has committed his life, really, to serving John Edwards. She thought in the beginning this would be just a short period of time and she would have to go along with this because Andrew wanted to keep his career. She is not passive. She, in many ways she is in control of her husband and her marriage. She has her regrets."