Black Lives Matter Protesters Interrupt Hillary Speech at Atlanta College

Hillary Clinton had to shout over protesters while speaking to at historically black Clark Atlanta University on Friday.

Hillary Clinton was interrupted by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters while addressing a group at an historically black college in Atlanta on Friday.

Clinton was addressing issues of race--the need to overhaul the criminal justice system, tighten gun laws, and expand economic opportunities--to a crowd of some 2,000 at Clark Atlanta University when around 10 protestors began to shout the "Black Lives Matter" over the presidential candidate.

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"Yes they do and I'm gonna talk a lot about that in a minute," she said as the chants began several minutes into speech, CNN reports. "I have some issues to discuss and proposals to make if our friends will allow me to do it. They may actually find them to their liking."

However, the protesters were not interested in hearing what Clinton had to say and continued to chant over her.

Meanwhile, many from the crowd of mostly young African Americans began to chant in Clinton's defense.

Shouts of "Let her talk, Let her talk" and "Hillary! Hillary" seemed drown out the protesters, according to CNN.

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The performer Usher, who was in attendance, was among those who urged protesters to let Clinton speak, reports the AP.

The protesters were eventually ushered out of the gymnasium where the rally was being held.

The Atlanta-based #AUCShutItDown, which claims not to be affiliated with #blacklivesmatter but with the broader movement, later said they held the protest because Clinton had not directly confronted the issue of police violence.

"We mean to force her to confront these issues explicitly in her platform and her policy," the group wrote in a release. "Rhetoric DOES NOT save us."

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