Google Scares Up Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2015

Google has created a special interactive site where its Google Trends has been used to display in real time the most searched costumes for Halloween 2015.

Google has rounded up all the most popular costumes of Halloween 2015 with a spooktacular interactive feature they've called Frightgeist.

Using Google Trends to sort through the three billion searches that take place on the site each day, Frightgeist uses the analytics to determine the most popular costumes nationally and locally.

Freightgeist even allows you to search your costume in order to determine how likely--or unlikely--you are to bump in to another Halloween reveler in the same get-up.

So what were the most popular costumes of 2015?

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As of Halloween evening, the clear front runner was Harley Quinn, the lady comic book villain who will be portrayed by Margot Robbie in the upcoming Suicide Squad film.

The number two trending spot was "Star Wars," though Princess Leia and Stormtropper both made it into the top 30 individucally. 

The number three most trend nationally was super hero, followed by: pirate, batman, Minnie Mouse, witch, Minions, Joker and Wonder Woman.

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Frightgeist also showed the most popular searches in or near your home town. Most of these followed the bigger national trends but there were outliers like "shark" in St. Joseph, Mo. and "giraffe" in Altoona, Penn.

Perhaps most useful was Frightgeist feature allowing users to search any costume they want to determine its popularity.

While not too helpful for last-minute costume Googlers, the feature was sure to set minds at ease with analytical evidence of how likely a run-in with another person in the same outfit would be.

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