Teen Buys 100 McDonald's Burgers to Hand Out to the Homeless

Lance Stewart and his lifelong friend Adin Kolansky bought $150 worth of burgers to hand out to Hollywood's homeless.

Two generous teens living in Los Angeles spent around $250 bucks on McDonald's hamburgers recently, all to hand out to the homeless.

Lance Stewart said he and his lifelong friend Adin Kolansky, both of them 19, were accustomed to passing by countless homeless people while coming and going from his apartment in Hollywood, but weren't quite sure how they could help.

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"I decided to buy the burgers and hand them out," Stewart told INSIDE EDITION. "I always wanna help as many people as I can so I decided to dedicate an entire day to do that."

The New Jersey natives spent most of a day handing out the burgers and Stewart said they were shown nothing but gratitude.

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"We spent about 6 hours giving out food (we walked around 15-20 miles) and I spent around $250," Stewart said.

Stewart said some of the people even offered their fellow needy the free burgers before he could hand out more for everyone.

"I felt amazing after we gave out all of the food it was an amazing experience, and it is something I would do again," Stewart said.

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