Mayor of Tiny Oklahoma Town Says Sorry for Husband's KKK "Prank"

Cary Kent Sharp, 47, was one of a group of men reportedly dressed as KKK members and burning a cross. His wife, mayor of Lahoma, Okla., called it "a prank"

The mayor of a small Oklahoma town has apologized after a photo emerged that reportedly shows her husband among a group of men gathered around flames and a cross while dressed in what look like Ku Klux Klan hoods.

Police in Lahoma, Oklahoma said in a report filed Saturday that Cary Sharp, husband of the town's mayor, was part of a "Halloween prank gone bad" that they say involved men in KKK robes.

According to the report, 47-year-old Sharp was dressed in a white robe with a large cross on it but no hood, Enid News reports.

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Mr. Sharp was listed in the report as "using alcohol," but he was not charged with a crime

Sharp's wife, Lahoma Mayor Theresa Sharp, has since apologized and said the gathering was a prank made in poor taste.

“It was a prank gone bad,” Mayor Sharp said while denying any involvement. "I was out trick-or-treating with my son, and I in no way support the activities that occurred."

Neither has Mr. Sharp explained who in the town of around 600 people might have been the butt of the joke.

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Sharp, the husband of Mayor Theresa Sharp, said he and his friends dressed in the robes because they believed the so-called prank would be funny.

"Sit around the bonfire and drink a couple of beers and thought well my buddy his last name is White and the subject got brung (sic) up," Cary Sharp told News 9. "We just thought it'd be something to do and it's not something to do. I am embarrassed. I've shamed my family and friends and I apologize for that."

Meanwhile, a photo of the incident that showed up on Facebook has since been seen across the country.

And the woman who reported the incident to police doesn't find the so-called joke even the least bit funny.

"I am sick to see this in our small community. This is serious it is a symbol of hate. I don't see how this can be considered ok," Misty Meister posted on her Facebook page.

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