New Show Documents World's Deadliest Roads

The world's deadliest roads are the subject of a TV series that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. INSIDE EDITION takes a look.

Imagine driving down a road to work every day with no guard rails, just a sheer dizzying drop into oblivion. And did we mention the rock slides?
Someone is killed on this road every four and a half minutes and a series on the History Channel, Ice Road Truckers - Deadliest Roads, is taking it on.

They haul tons of shifting cargo up roads as tires skid along the edge of the terrifying drop-offs.

Only a spotter keeps them from sliding to their deaths off the edge of the Himalayas.

If a driver gets into an accident, he can forget about it because the trucks are likely to disintegrate.

In the USA, the cabs are made of steel. But these trucks are made of wood. And usually, nothing survives a crash.

In 2009, over 180,000 people were killed on India's roads, and the ice road truckers are hoping they won't be next.