Man Dives Into Freezing Waters From A Cargo Ship To Rescue Kitten

A video shows a dockworker diving into icy waters to save stranded kitten stuck on cargo ship.

A tiny kitten was rescued from the freezing waters of a dock in Ukraine after being found hiding on the rudder of a cargo ship.

The video, which was posted to YouTube, shows the tiny cat precariously balanced at the rear of the boat in the port of Illichivsk, Ukraine, after falling several feet from the pier above.

The kitten's cries were heard by dockworkers up above, one of whom decided to put on a survival suit and dive into the icy waters below.

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It took a few seconds before the animal was comfortable enough and trusted the man to keep it safe.

After swimming with the kitten in his arms, the pet was handed over to another crew member waiting on shore.

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Clearly frightened and freezing, the kitten was wrapped in the crewman's coat as it was taken off to get dry.

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