Robin Williams' Widow Says He Had Dementia: I Don't Blame Him One Bit For Suicide

Susan Schneider Williams gave her first interview since the actor took his life last year.

Robin Williams’ widow Susan Schneider-Williams is speaking out about her beloved husband’s tragic final days and says she forgives the comedian for taking his life. 

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Williams took his own life last year. His wife, Susan, told Good Morning America how a housekeeper made the horrific discovery.

“She sent me a text saying, ‘He's not up yet. What should I do?’ and I said wake him and then she called me back,” an emotional Susan said.

Susan says she rushed home to their oceanfront mansion outside San Francisco.

She said: “That 20 minute car ride. I just screamed the whole way: ‘Robin!’”

The Oscar winner’s suicide was blamed on depression but Susan is revealing he also suffered from Parkinson’s disease and a condition known as Lewy Body Dementia, which was discovered only after his death.

Susan said "Lewy Body Dementia killed Robin." 

ABC Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser explained to INSIDE EDITION what the condition is.

"In Lewy Body you get this abnormal protein that grows in your brain. It can affect your behavior, your thoughts. It can cause hallucinations," according to Dr. Besser.  

Susan says that before his suicide there was a disturbing accident at their home which made her fear for Robin's life.

“I opened the door and there was blood, this towel was so soaked with blood and he was just downing his head,” she tearfully said. “I just screamed: ‘Robin what happened? Did you do?’ My best friend was sinking, you know?”

She tells People magazine, on newsstands Friday, that the comic who entertained and inspired so many had a grim prognosis of just three years to live. She says much of that time would have been spent in around-the-clock care. 

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“I think he was just saying ‘No’ and I don't blame him one little bit,” she told Good Morning America.

Robin and Susan were together for seven years and married for three. She described their relationship as “a dream” and “the best love I ever dreamed of.”

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