Chelsea O'Donnell Says Rosie Sent Her Angry Texts Saying: 'Life is Better With You Gone'

Chelsea says that after she spoke to INSIDE EDITION, Rosie sent her a slew of angry messages.

Rosie O'Donnell lashed out at her daughter in a series of angry texts after the teen spoke to INSIDE EDITION.

Chelsea O'Donnell, 18, said the comedian, who adopted her as a baby, kicked her out of their home this summer. In an interview with INSIDE EDITION, Chelsea said she does not miss her and no longer loves her.

"I don't love you either," Rosie texted her after she learned of the interview, Chelsea told INSIDE EDITION.

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"We r done," another message read. "U SUCK."

"You are not my kid anymore," the messages continued. "Life is better with you gone - sad but true."

In stark contrast to the texts, Rosie told reporters at a fundraiser on Monday night that the family loves and misses Chelsea.

"All of my kids except Chelsea are here, which is sad, but hopefully, there will come a day when she'll want to come," she said at the event for her foundation, Rosie's Theater Kids.

The messages are just the latest heated words to be exchanged in the family fallout. Rosie previously texted Chelsea to say: "If you talk to the press, ur whole life history... will be exposed."

The teen showed the message to her biological mom, Deanna Micoley.

"Threatening your child, that's what a loving mom does? You're the one that needs medical help!!" Micoley texted back, she told INSIDE EDITION.

She said Rosie then responded: "ur heroin addiction [expletive] her up from birth - junkie - crawl away... She has been damaged from day 1 and it's tragic."

Deanna, who gave birth to Chelsea in 1997, denies Rosie's accusations.

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"She was born perfectly healthy," she told IE. "I went to the hospital, I got the records. There were no drugs in her system."

Chelsea, who initially stayed with Deanna after leaving Rosie's home this summer, is now living with friends in New York. She says she misses her siblings but that she does not think she can have a relationship with Rosie again.

"I think there is some much-needed space between me and Rosie. It's been nice having that,” she said.

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