See What Happens When This Guy Pretended to Be Blind to Test if People Would Take $50 Note

A man who pretended to be blind to see if strangers on the street would take his $50 note was left stunned by the results of his experiment.

A man who pretended to be blind to test if strangers on the street would take his $50 note was left stunned by the results of his experiment.

Wearing dark glasses and using a cane, Adrian Gruszka, from Adelaide in Australia, approached passersby to ask them if they had change for a $5. But when he pulled the note from his pocket, he presented them with a $50 note instead.

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Incredibly, many of the people in the video did not tell him about his mistake, a video of the experiment seems to show. They gave him change for $5 and walked away with his $50, as Adrian stood in disbelief.

Before the experiment, he never expected that to happen, he told INSIDE EDITION.

"We literally went into filming this thinking, 'cool, this will be a interesting video to shoot, let's see what kind of reactions we can get.' It did not cross my mind that I'd actually capture somebody stealing the $50," he said.

When people started taking the money, he was speechless, he said.

"I didn't know what to think," he said. "I was actually hoping they didn't realize [they had taken the $50] but when you watch the takes back you can tell they are fully aware of what they are doing."

At the end of the video, he confronts one man - whose face is obscured - and tells him he's not actually blind. The man claims he didn't realize his mistake.

Gruszka told IE that most people said they felt embarrassed when he confronted them, while others were angry.

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"One even tried to defend themselves by saying he knew I wasn't blind and was just testing me," he said. "I knew for a fact that he was lying."

Not everyone took the money. Some people kindly pointed out his error and he thanked them.

Gruszka says he hopes the experiment will change how people think.

"They should just do the right thing, and hopefully with them watching this they may think twice before ripping someone off," he said, addeding: "Even if they think, 'Hmm, this may be one of those experiment videos so I'll be better off doing the right thing.'"

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