Students Help Teacher's Boyfriend Propose to Her in the Classroom

A guy enlisted his girlfriend's students, family and friends to help him propose.

This teacher got the surprise of her life when she walked into her classroom and found her all of her students waiting for her and a video message from her boyfriend. 

When Justin Coats was ready to propose to his girlfriend of more than three years Many Toombs he knew that he wanted to pop the question in a way that would surprise her. 

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“I wanted to do something she wouldn't expect, something where she wouldn't have the slightest clue, something special, and of course something meaningful to her,” he told INSIDE EDITION, “And there's nothing that means more to her than her job as a teacher and her kids.”

He spent three months planning the proposal and putting together a nearly ten-minute video featuring family, friends and co-workers, with all of them telling her to “Say yes!”  

Justin had Mandy summoned to the principal’s office for a meeting, so that her 42 fourth-grade students and fellow teachers could gather in her classroom for the big moment. When the proposal video was done Justin walked in and got down on one knee.

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“She was shocked! Absolutely clueless! She noticed both of my brothers and one of their girlfriends in the back of her class and she didn't know if I was going to pop out of one of her cabinets,” he said.

“When I came in with a few of her previous students, I believe it was the biggest I have ever seen her smile. It was all worthwhile!”

The pair is planning to get married in October 2016. 

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