Howard Stern Is First Celeb to Admit Bedbug Infestation

Howard Stern is the first celebrity to publicly admit to being the victim of the bedbug epidemic, as the office building he shares with other celebrities has been infested. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The bedbug epidemic has its first known celebrity victim—Howard Stern!

Stern said on his radio show, "I am completely freaking out today."

Stern revealed that the New York studio where he broadcasts his Sirius XM radio show had been infested by bedbugs.

"They were in my console, on that couch, in my office," said Stern.

And get this, a bedbug-detecting dog also discovered that his limo was infested.

Stern said on his radio show, "So if they're up here, they're down in the car, they're in the entire building! You better have your apartment inspected."

Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters, Gayle King and other big names also broadcast their radio shows from the Sirius XM studios in Manhattan. Signs were posted around the building, saying, "Please do not sit here or otherwise occupy this workspace or remove anything from it." So far, Stern is the only one talking about it publicly.

"You know how paranoid I am about bedbugs," said Stern on his radio show.

The Sirius XM Satellite studios in the heart of Manhattan has been fumigated and all the people who work here have been told that their workplace is free of bedbugs.

Stern said, "We received treatments here and supposedly we're 100% bedbug-free."

Bedbugs have been discovered in theaters, clothing stores and offices in New York, the so-called epicenter of the outbreak. But it's also afflicting cities across the country. For Stern, who is famously germophobic, it's been a nightmare.

"When you get these bedbugs, do you know what the [expletive deleted] you got to go through as a human being?" said Stern on his radio show.