Woman Who Faked Acid Attack Appears in Court

The young woman who gripped the nation with an acid attack hoax appears in court for the first time since news of the hoax surfaced. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Bethany Storro, the woman who invented a story about having acid thrown in her face, made her first public appearance since her hoax was exposed.

She was arraigned on theft charges for ripping off well-wishers who sent her $28,000 for her recovery.

The judge asked, "Do you plead not guilty?"

"Yes, your honor," replied Storro.

28-year-old Storro horrified the nation when, still swathed in bandages, she told how a complete stranger had thrown acid in her face outside a Starbucks in Washington state.

Authorities now say she made up the story, and admitted putting drain cleaner on her own face.

This is how she looked in court, her face a vivid red, the marks clearly the result of an abrasive applied by hand. A tiny piece of gauze is still stuck to her nose.

The judge asked her if she needed an audio device, since she is hearing impaired, but her lawyer declined.

Storro allegedly blew $1,500 of the donated cash on an Apple computer, clothes, train tickets, and dinners for her mom and dad. As Storro left court, her parents, who've pledged to repay the money, were close behind.

Storro went back to a mental health facility right after court. She's due back before a judge in December.