Student Allegedly Steals Bus to Take Final Exam After Driver Fails to Show Up

A South African student has allegedly stolen a bus in order to take his final math exam.

A South African student allegedly stole a bus in order to make a very important year-end math exam, reports say.

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Le-Aan Adonis, 20, is in his final year of high school and on the morning of the vital test, he and other students were left stranded when their bus driver didn’t show up, according to published reports. 

Knowing just how important the exam was, Adonis took matters into his own hands and got behind the wheel after finding the keys and allegedly stole the bus, according to South African media.

According to eNCA, the bus was stopped on the way to school by a traffic officer and Adonis was fined about $361. He now faces a school disciplinary hearing and has already received free legal representation and donations to play off his fine, according to reports.

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But people in the country are taking to Facebook and Twitter to start the social campaign #FeeMustFall to support Adonis’ actions. One campaign in Afrikaans is hoping to spread the word further to citizens:

The student did arrive on time to take the exam.

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