7 Everyday Things You're Doing Wrong

From peeling potatoes to scooping hard ice cream, INSIDE EDITION is showing you how it should be done.

They are the ordinary things you do every day of your life - from folding shirts to peeling a banana - but are you doing them right?

INSIDE EDITION is giving tips on how to make your daily routine way more efficient.

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Tip 1: If you're taking a photo with your cell phone vertically, you are not getting the whole picture - unless the image you're trying to capture is very tall and narrow. Turn your phone horizontally to the landscape mode.

Tip 2: Did you know you are peeling a banana wrong? Peel it by holding it upside down, pinch the base and peel. It is the way monkeys do it.

Tip 3: You know how hard it is to keep the role of tin foil and plastic wrap inside its container? Here is a little secret: every one of the packages comes with little tabs on both sides that keep the roll in place as you rip away.

Tip 4: How about peeling hard boiled eggs? Lifestyle expert Erika Katz shows you a simple trick.

"Put an egg in a glass, fill it with just a little bit of water, cover it and shake it up really well. The shell comes right off," she said.

Tip 5: What about those annoying little packets of medication? You can get a headache just trying to open them if you don't have scissors.

Instead, fold a crease around the tiny slit in the corner of the package until it begins to get larger. It makes it super easy to rip open even without scissors.

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Tip 6: Do your kids ask you to scoop ice cream because it's hard as a rock? You can make ice cream scoopable by keeping the container in a zip lock bag while it's in the freezer.

Tip 7: Most of us drive every single day and you might be making a dangerous mistake. When you adjust your side mirrors, you don't need to see any of your car at all - you only need to the lane next to you. So adjust the mirror so you’re just seeing a small sliver of your car. That way you'll be getting rid of a potential blind spot.

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