Uber Passenger Claims He Can't Remember Hitting Driver, Makes Tearful Apology: 'I'm Ashamed'

Ben Golden was fired from his job after video showing the attack went viral.

The passenger who was filmed viciously beating an Uber driver has made a tearful apology.

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Business executive Ben Golden, 32, spoke out for the first time since the shocking video went viral. He said he wants to apologize to the driver, who had to fight him off with pepper spray.

“It was hard to watch and I’m ashamed,” Golden told KCBS-TV. “I'm so sorry. I want him to know that I acknowledge what I did and I apologize.”

He added that he was so drunk he doesn't remember anything. But he also claims he's "mild-mannered" and the beating is out of character.

“The next day I got out of jail and I was wondering what happened. I didn't know what happened until I saw this video. And then my heart sank,” he claimed. “I'm trying not to read what is being said but I am not that person. So if people could understand that I would really appreciate it.”

The Uber driver, Edward Caban, says he ordered Golden out of his car because he was falling down drunk and couldn’t give directions. That's when he erupted in a violent rage.

Golden was fired from his job as a marketing executive at Taco Bell and is facing criminal charges and a civil lawsuit.

“I crossed a line and it was caught on camera and I have to face it,” he said.

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The Uber passenger says he wants to meet the driver to personally apologize.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret showed video of the apology to the driver, who isn't impressed.

"I feel that he is embarrassed that it went viral," Caban said. "I don't believe that if the video hadn't been posted anywhere or if the media didn't get a hold of this, he would be apologizing." 

Caban says he was so traumatized by the beating he has stopped driving for Uber.

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