Claims Against Home Invasion Survivor Cause Outrage

Shocking new allegations have developed in the Petit family murder trial as one of the accused killers falsely claimed Dr. Petit may have helped plan the gruesome crime. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

A false allegation about the doctor whose wife and two daughters were slaughtered in a horrific home invasion is outraging America today.

Accused killer Steven Hayes actually claimed Dr. William Petit may have planned the home invasion with Hayes' accomplice.

Dr. William Petit was in court to hear the shocking allegations—another piece of painful testimony among the many horrific details heard in this trial. It's hard to imagine how he was able to control his emotions in the face of such an accusation from the lips of the man accused of killing his family.

Outside court, the physician was dignified as he spoke about the shocking testimony.

"Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela were the most important people in my life and I really can't dignify that insinuation with a response and I think the evidence put on by the prosecution speaks for itself," said Dr. Petit.

His father-in-law, Methodist pastor Richard Hawke, stood next to him and came to his defense, saying, "A person has to be very insensitive to make such a statement of such a man who has spent his life trying to build his family to be the greatest family he would know."

And shocking images took jurors inside the house of horrors after Hayes and his accomplice Josh Komisarjevsky allegedly spread gasoline around the house and set it on fire.

Crime scene pictures of several incinerated rooms include what used to be the gourmet kitchen, 17-year-old Hayley Petit's bedroom, and the sunroom where Dr. Petit was severely beaten with a baseball bat.

The house has been demolished and is now a memorial garden to a once beautiful family.