City Opens 'Fast' Lane For Walkers Who Are Not Glued to Their Cell Phones

Liverpool has become the first British city to offer 'fast' sidewalk lanes for people not on their phones and not plodding along.

Mind the gap and stay in your lane!

Liverpool has opened Britain's first fast lanes for pedestrians, where walkers can only walk. No texting, no sightseeing and no plodding along at a glacial pace.

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Marked with red paint, the lanes read "Fast Track." According to a recent survey, about 47 percent of Britons consider slow walkers the most annoying part of shopping, The Independent reported.

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The concept is more popular with younger people, the data showed, with 69 percent of shoppers between 16 and 24 favoring the lanes. Only 37 percent of people older than 55 liked the idea.

Liverpool's no-nonsense fast lanes are now open in the downtown area and on St. Johns Street.

For those who must walk and tap their thumbs, the city of Antwerp in Belgium offers a slow lane for texting pedestrians. And in China, a theme park in Chongqing also has lanes for pedestrians who can't put down their phones. 

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