Sister Wives Polygamist Family Under Investigation

Authorities have launched an investigation on the family starring in the new reality series Sister Wives.  INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

"We know it's illegal, but we made a conscious decision, based on our own faith and our belief systems, that this is what we wanted to do."

A fighting spirit is keeping the family of polygamists featured in the new TLC series Sister Wives going, despite their latest legal woes.

The reality show about a Utah man with 4 wives and 16 children is getting a lot of attention—so much attention that  police are now investigating them on  suspicion of bigamy!

"We will continue our investigation and then report back to the county attorney, and we'll see where that leads us," said a county official about the investigation.

"We believe consenting adults should be with who they want," said Christine Brown.

If you think bigamy is a slap-on-the-wrist offense, think again.

Utah polygamist Tom Green was sent to prison for 6-years when this husband of 5 and father of 29 children was convicted on bigamy charges in 2001.

"I'm in prison because I dared to talk about it and let the world know polygamy still goes on in Utah," said Green.

The Greens lived in trailers while the more upscale Browns live in this beautiful house, along the lines of the polygamous family in the HBO series Big Love.

Cody Brown, head of the Sister Wives family, thinks there might be a loophole to keep them all out of trouble.

"I have one legal wife, that's Mary. Outside of that, it's hard to dictate by law who you love," said Brown.