Man Wakes Up to Find 10-Foot Alligator Knocking at His Door

After hearing a massive crash and then scratching, a Florida man found a massive, 10-foot alligator waiting on his doorstep.

When Metts Bahadir heard scratching at his front door in the middle of the night, he came face-to-face with a very unexpected visitor.

After hearing a massive crash and then the scratching, the dad-of-two found a massive, 10-foot alligator waiting on his doorstep in Lutz, Florida.

"It was really scary," Bahadir told WTSP.

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He quickly put away his fear and pulled out his camera. He recorded video showing the huge alligator waiting on the porch.

"Reporting live from my home today I have a wonderful alligator right here," he tells the camera in one video, which he posted to Facebook. "This is in front of my door... It's a maaad 10 footer!"

The gator likely crawled from a pond at the golf course near to the family's home.

"People say is this real? Is this a joke? Are you pranking [me]? No I'm not, it happened," Bahadir told WTSP.

He called authorities and captured the moment a trapper lassoed the reptile before pulling it away from the front door. Bahadir can be heard laughing behind the camera as it writhes on the ground.

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"It was flipping, it was hissing," Bahadir said.

Eventually the family was left in peace and the alligator was removed and killed, according to reports.

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