Woman Accused in Fiance's Kayak Death Insists From Jail: 'I Loved Him'

Angelika Graswald insisted that she did not sabotage her Vincent Viafore's kayak.

In a prison interview with ABC’s 20/20 Angelika Graswald maintains she did not kill her fiancé during a kayak trip in upstate New York.

Asked point blank if she murdered Vincent Viafore, the woman replies “No.  No.  I didn’t kill him.”

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Graswald, of Poughkeepsie, was charged in April with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. She is behind bars in Orange County in lieu of $3 million bail.

Prosecutors contend she removed a plug from Viafore’s kayak, which caused the vessel to fill with water and capsize. Graswald drowned on April 19.

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Authorities said Graswald watched as her boyfriend went under.

“I loved him. I did not want to kill him. I didn’t do anything to kill him,” she told co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas in an exclusive jailhouse interview that will air Friday night.

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