FBI Appeals For Help Finding Missing Brothers Who Could Have Been Abducted By Their Mom

Authorities believe nine-year-old Isaac Cook and his 15-year-old brother Sage may have been abducted by their mom.

The FBI is asking for the public’s help finding two young brothers who have been missing since the summer.

Authorities believe nine-year-old Isaac Cook and his 15-year-old brother Sage, who lived with their father in Bellevue, Washington, may have been abducted by their mother.

The boys were last seen at Los Angeles International Airport on August 28.

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According to the FBI, their mom Faye Ku, 41, may have forged a court order for a supervised visit, leading their father to send them from Seattle to California.

Authorities say Ku had previously attempted to take the boys to Taiwan in 2013 without the permission of their dad, who has full custody. Ku, pictured below, was stopped before they boarded the plane.

“The FBI is concerned because of her previous attempt to take the kids to Taiwan,” Case Agent Caryn Highley said. “We’re just devoting all of our resources to finding her and the children.”

According to Highley, Ku left a letter at her California home blaming the children’s father of trying to control them. He is "devastated" and is doing everything he can to find the boys, Highley said.

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She added: “Sage, he's the older brother. He is quiet, kind of introverted. Isaac – he’s just a fun-loving little kid.”

The FBI is looking for information that will help find the brothers. Call the FBI’s Seattle Division at 206-622-0460 with any information on the boys’ whereabouts.

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